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also a husband, dad, son, coach, leader, humanitarian & Citizen of the world

I often tell those I’m close to that I feel as though I’ve already lived several lifetimes in my 4 decades on the planet. I’ve had several careers, lived in many parts of the world and have met, befriended and worked with some of the most extraordinary people and minds of our time.

I was blessed enough to be born in to a small Bangladeshi community in Queens (and later Long Island), NY, where cultivating community, understanding our humanity and making a difference for people were the norm of my upbringing.

Combined with all my years of serving people both in my jobs and in my business, I’ve gotten to mentor thousands of people over the past 15 years and all of it has given me the privilege of growth and an expanded capacity to serve others…

Justice, humanity, growth and development and more than anything else – having people achieve what’s important to them and empowering them to make a difference and fulfill on their life’s work – those are the things that drive me. 

how good can you tolerate life getting?


Our relationships to ourselves is often the most complex and the last one we work through. It can be such a difficult relationship, that sometimes, many of us never get to it.

When we do deal with it however, that’s when true alignment takes place. When we can live life conscious of our ego and free from constraint, that’s when the magic of life begins to happen to us and blossom all around us.

From a cluttered mass of things that have happened in our past, our experiences, our judgments and everything else living piles upon us, we can transform our lives into created ones – ones designed by us, in alignment and given by a true and meaningful connection with who we really are. 

When we get in the game of mastering this relationship – the one with herself – that’s when life gets really good.



are you willing to do whatever it takes?



A coach is someone who helps you identify your goals, the obstacles in the way, and a plan to achieve them.

The most brilliant minds and successful athletes and CEOs all have coaches – there’s a reason for that. coach.

A coach helps you realize your full potential, go after the life you want and realize who you are as a human in the process.

Iman has mentored thousands of people over his career in group and one-to-one formats. 

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Having spoken on over 300 stages over the past 10+ years, Iman has spoken to and given talks to just about every type of room you can be in front of. 

He’s closed over $1M in sales from the stage and has helped train hundreds of entrepreneurs to profit from their talks. 

Iman is equally adept at developing workshops, trainings and other modalities of speaking for his clients.

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As a leadership consultant, I’ve trained exceptional and highly successful people to become even more exceptional and powerful in their fields.

 In the past 15 years I have worked with many top influencers from the world, from the private sector, marketers, spiritual gurus – you name it. 

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WHAT IF YOU could have everything you WANT?

two sides of a coin

If you relate to comfort and discomfort (or getting uncomfortable) as two sides of the same coin, you’ll see that there is no one without the other. And although their relationship is inverse, the existence of each is dependent upon the other’s existence. 

The way we’ve been acculturated as societies over the past hundred years or so, seeking comfort and avoiding discomfort has been ingrained into our DNA, particularly in Western culture. The thinking is backwards and meant to keep you from never feeling satisfied and always wanting for more. 

When we can ‘grock’ that comfort and discomfort will always coexist, we can start to appreciate their value appropriately. What types of comforts are we seeking, and what discomforts do those help us avoid. What does that avoidance cost us?

OR, what if our access to the comforts we really seek, the ones authentically important to us are right outside our collective zones and require getting uncomfortable in order to attain and enjoy? How far would  you be willing to go, or how uncomfortable can you tolerate getting to have what You really want. Not you, but You. 



people who work with iman say…

Iman, and the entire Red Elephant team are unlike any community I have ever come into contact with. They are HEART-centered business owners with a masterful level of training and expertise that they bring to everyone they come into contact with. They are all about having your life, your business, and movement be one that works and one that truly THRIVES! I highly recommend working with Iman to any Entrepreneur (or person) who is looking to take, not only their business, but their entire life to the next level.

Jarrod Castillo

Iman is the real deal – authentic, direct, bold and so committed to people. 

He will go toe-to-toe with anyone if it means doing what’s right and standing for what he believes in.  

I had a business idea when I went to him after his event and over the last five years, that idea has turned into a global movement that’s changing the lives of children all over the planet. Red Elephant’s systems, their community – it’s all unparalleled and like nothing else in the coaching industry. II’m so grateful.

Jan Edwards

When it comes to growing my business growing alone is not an option, so for me, community is everything! Working with Iman has been incredible.  Their wisdom, guidance, and business acumen is second to none, but what has been more important to my growth is feeling like I’m surrounded by family and that I’m truly never alone. By following the example they model what it means to be a CEO lives their truth, takes a stand and disrupts the norm I have grown in my own leadership. What’s even more awesome is I am on track to double my last years revenue. 
Shameca Tankerson

Iman is the real deal and he delivers on everything he says and more. The team at Red Elephant see potential in whatever stage you’re at and work with you from exactly where you are. Everything is relevant and customized to each participant, no matter where you are in your development. In addition to being great service providers, they’ve also created a stand-out community of passionate and like-minded people who really treat you like family. Iman’s one of the best coaches I’ve worked with. 
Max J Miller


After leading mindset and transformational programs for almost 10 years, along with his business partner (and wife, Afrin), Iman helped launch their company, Red Elephant, in 2011. Iman has been on a mission to impact the world in a positive way since childhood and has always been participating in making a difference for people in some form or another. To date, he’s led transformational programs to over 20,000 people in a mission to empower people to empower others to make real change in the world.

In 2012, things got very difficult for Iman and his family after being displaced by Hurricane Sandy. In the face of challenging circumstances and left with no choice but to thrive, Iman and Afrin turned their start-up business into a multi-six figure company in less than a year. Iman has spoken on over 200 stages in the last 8 years, empowering hundreds of entrepreneurs to go beyond their comfort zone to achieve massive success along the way.

Iman conducts leadership development, speaker training and business development programs designed at having entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors achieve their goals no matter what obstacles get in their way. Iman is dedicated to creating an IMPACT in the world by supporting those who are out to make a difference.